Yunus Paisner
Yunus PaisnerAttorney
Yunus M. Paisner was born and grew up near Boston in the United States. After studying Economics at George Washington University, he graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. Since 2000, Yunus has worked as a trial attorney spending most of his career assisting people with personal injury cases. He took shahada (declaration of faith) and became Muslim in 2010. He speaks Japanese, some Oromo, and can read Arabic. His goal is to help each client in a personalized way to reach the best outcome for their case. Yunus enjoys spending time with his wife and children.
Omar Alshujery
Omar AlshujeryLegal Assistant
Omar Alshujery is Iraqi-American. He speaks both Arabic and English fluently. He attended High School in Portland, then attended a dual credit program at PCC and current PSU; he continues a program of study in engineering. Before working at the law firm, he was a professional interpreter, mostly His philosophy in life is “to make the world better place you have to start you’re yourself.” Omar is interested in keeping up with current events, and reading history. He enjoys spending time with his children, teaching them Arabic and Islamic values.
Mir Jawad Ali Clerk
Mir Jawad Ali was raised in Oregon and is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science & Psychology from Portland State University. He speaks Urdu and Hindi. He spends two evenings a week teaching elementary school kids how to read and memorize the Quran. Jawad is strongly considering a career as an attorney, specifically as a trial lawyer to better serve the Muslim community. His hobbies include weight lifting, kick-boxing, and reading.