Personal injury cases are called “torts”, from the Latin word for “wrong.”  Please don’t confuse these cases with “tarts” which are small, tasty pastries! Unlike criminal cases, torts are civil cases, and are meant to bring you compensation for some harm that you have already suffered or may continue to suffer in the future. This differs from a criminal case where the end goal is to seek retribution on the person at fault with fines or jail time. However, a personal injury case should never be used to harass another person, or “get back” at them.

When you get hurt, the pain, emotional stress, and expenses are often incredibly difficult to deal with. And when someone else is at fault for that pain and suffering, it’s only natural to be angry and want to take action.  In America, if someone else does something harmful, many of us think that the only answer is to “Sue them!”. However, often, starting a lawsuit is not always the right decision.

 Car Accidents

The most common type of “accident” is a collision with one person at fault, and is therefor no accident at all. For example: someone “rear-ends” you. In this type of case the person at fault who hit you, like all drivers, must have auto insurance. If they do, then that insurance company will ultimately pay for repairs to your car, your medical bills, and for your “pain and suffering”. If the driver is uninsured, then you may have a claim against your own insurance company.

If you are in an auto accident, the most important thing to remember is to get medical treatment the same day as the accident, even if it takes an ambulance to the emergency room.  Both your medical health and legal claim depend on you getting an early and complete diagnosis and treatment plan. After that, a skilled attorney can handle all of the paperwork and communication with the insurance companies.


When a person punches you, grabs you by the collar, says you can’t leave somewhere (a room, building, etc.), or viciously attacks your character in public, you may have a case for assault.  In these cases it is important to consider whether the attacker has any money to pay to you, or if there is an insurance company that will cover the harm done. As you can guess, these cases are very personal and complex, and should not be started lightly.

If the assault is regarding a member of the police, you may be able to file a civil rights action. However, these cases are especially difficult, and an attorney should be contacted as soon as possible because of time limitations. If this injury takes place inside an office, government building, or store, it has the potential to be very successful, as the owner of the property can be forced to pay if they had a responsibility s to have have prevented the harm to you.

Product Liability

If you use a product and either the product itself or it’s design is defective, causing you to get hurt, you may have a claim.  If you think that something you eat, wear, drive, or use around the house is making you sick, contact a doctor for an evaluation immediately.  Then contact a lawyer if the product caused the harm to you.

Getting Help And Justice

Many people don’t want to make a big deal out of anything or “rock the boat.” But always remember, no one deserves to be hurt.  And someone who is hurt should be able to look to the person who hurt them to pay for it.

Usually, lawyers represent clients in injury cases for a contingency fee.  This means that the lawyer only gets paid if there is a settlement or an award of money.  In other words, if you don’t get paid, you don’t have to pay your lawyer.  This is why injury cases are so important; they are all about helping you get the justice that you deserve.

If you have been involved in any type of personal injury, especially one listed below, contact us for help now.

  • car and truck accidents
  • pedestrian injuries
  • motorcycle accidents
  • dog bites
  • slip and fall
  • police abuse
  • medical malpractice