Attorney Yunus M. Paisner

Injured? Can’t walk without pain? Neck or back hurting? You need an experienced lawyer on your side to get the maximum possible compensation available. Yunus M. Paisner, Attorney is an effective personal injury and accident attorney who can help you navigate your case to reach your goals.

You are in pain, missing work and getting phone calls and letters from insurance companies. We can help.

Our attorney will speak to you on the phone for a free consultation. By having a lawyer on your side, the phone calls and insurance paperwork will stop. You’ll learn about how your medical treatment affects your case, and how your bills will be paid. You can learn how to get set up to be paid by your own insurance company for your missed work. Mr. Paisner will also help you deal with your damaged car.

Most of all, you will have someone on your side you can trust, who is available to answer your questions and go to bat for you with insurance companies. Believe it or not, the stress and anxiety of trying to take care of your case on your own can make it take longer to get better. Call now to get the help you need.